I could not agree more with this article. 

A truly dedicated trainer is far more than someone who just tells you to jump on a box or sits on their phone the entire time you're in the gym. Your trainer should be fully dedicated to YOU -- you and your results. This means shaping workouts right for you that meet you at your current level, giving you the support you need, and correcting your errors...ALWAYS.

Form is the fundamental building block to health and fitness. Mor Results stresses the importance of good form and functional movement in every single workout. Movement prep is always included in workouts.

We don't want you to be stuck with us. We want you to perform, excel, and constantly grow. We want to take you to the next level as soon as you are ready.

"Like us, trainers are charged with educating the people they serve. Withholding guidance or correction abandons this fundamental duty and fosters the kind of lasting dependence that isn’t good for anyone—except the trainer."