I follow these rules and ask others to do the same. They are wise words and great life lessons from a dear friend and excellent coach who left this earth all too soon. Although some directly mention swimming, they can be redirected to any fitness program.

Unwritten Rules and Knowledge

• Being on time, not early, is a little bit late
• Bring a full water jug to each practice. Water is the nectar of life.
• Expect to be uncomfortable daily. This is a competitive swim team.
• Don’t complain. It is annoying to those around you.
• Embrace improving your weaknesses, kicking, worst stroke, etc.
• Don’t be a sally. (ask a teammate if unsure)
• Do not drag your equipment. Ever.
• We leave everywhere a little bit cleaner than when we got there.
• We are respectful to everyone.
• Respect your teammates. Encourage them. Be uplifting.
• We finish to the wall. Without fail.
• Goggles fill with water. You do not stop.
• Gracious in victory AND defeat.
• We can always learn and improve. ALWAYS.
• Be a leader. Often. It is risk but worth it.
• Do not be lazy in warm up. Everything we do has a purpose.
• Do not be lazy in warm down. Everything we do has a purpose.
• Do not be lazy. It is unbecoming of an athlete.
• Take pride in doing what others are unwilling to do. Pride. Not crass.
• Keep goals in the forefront of your mind.
• Attend ALL workouts. ALL of them are important.
• Drink a lot of water all day.
• Don’t eat garbage food. The food you eat is fuel.
• Ask questions when you don’t know.
• Dress appropriately. It’s cold in Illinois. Don’t get sick.
• Sleep. Put your health 1st. You need to recover more than most people do.
• Smile, laugh, often.
• Keep perspective.

~Andy Rose