"The politics of genetically engineered foods are being redrawn in Europe, where a near complete disapproval persisted until earlier this year. Now, it’s up to individual nations to say whether or not they want GMO crops grown on their soil.

So far, it hasn’t been the leading farming countries that are saying no to the controversial technology. On Monday, Northern Ireland became the second European Union member state to pass a national GMO ban. In August, Scotland announced its own such measure, becoming the first country to do so following the change in EU rules that allows individual members to ban crops from being grown within their sovereign borders even if they’re approved for production in the wider union. All told, the United Kingdom produces less than 8 percent of the EU’s agriculture output, compared with nearly 18 percent from France, an industry leader in the 28-nation bloc."

More: http://www.takepart.com/article/2015/09/21/northern-ireland-gmo-ban?cmpid=foodinc-fb