Mike Moravek

Mike believes it is you who gets yourself where you want to be, but he is there to be by your side every step of the way. 

He has an extensive background in improving speed, strength, conditioning, and functional movements in clients of all ages.

Mike has worked with a variety of clients: high school athletes looking to continue their athletic careers into college; heavily overweight clients; race enthusiasts; elderly men and women; people facing major mobility issues; average Janes and Joes simply looking for better health. Essentially Mike has seen it all.

Mike swam competitively for eight years with his career culminating as an NCAA athlete, earning prestigious awards along the way. He has also dabbled in gymnastics, water polo, soccer, and cross country. 

He has a passion for the sport of triathlon. Mike has competed in nearly 20 triathlons, earning a podium finish in every single race. 

Owner, Mor Results Personal Training

Owner, Mor Results Personal Training


  • PTA Global Personal Trainer
  • Level 1 CrossFit Trainer
  • Functional Movement Screens (FMS) 
  • Insanity Group Training